Staff Picks

    At Sketchfab, we love to see all the awesome things our users create. We love your work so much that we created a dedicated page where you can see our favorites. We update this page daily, so if you want some inspiration or to see what makes us tick, check out the Staff Picks here.

    Who decides on what makes a Staff Pick?

    Anyone on the Sketchfab team can choose a Staff Pick. However, we often discuss scenes as a group before we pick them.

    Technical requirements

    We prefer models that work well on mobile devices, so we limit ourselves to 1 million polygons and to models that make efficient use of texture maps, geometries, materials, and bones in rigged animation. Exceptions to this rule must be truly spectacular.

    See Viewer Performance for more details.

    Artistic requirements

    The model needs to be awesome, tell a good story, and make good use of the Sketchfab features like Annotations, Lighting, and Post-Processing Filters

    Other requirements

    There are no time limitations on Staff Picks. We might pick a model uploaded minutes ago, or months ago, or even years ago. However, we're constantly browsing uploads, and most picks have been uploaded in the past few days.

    There are no subject- or category-based limitations. We might pick 3D scans, animated characters, architectural scenes, experimental artwork, or anything else. Staff Picks are any model that we think are super cool and represent the best of our community.

    You're welcome to send suggestions to, but simply asking for a Staff Pick is no guarantee.

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