Private Models

    A Private model is "unlisted" - it won't appear in searches or public galleries, and it won't be indexed by search engines.

    Anyone with the URL can view and embed the Private model.

    If you add a password, no one can view the model without entering the password, even if he or she knows the URL.

    If you're having trouble entering a password on embedded models while using Safari, see this article for a note on Safari preferences.

    To make a model private: 

    You can also make a model Private during upload.

    Sketchfab 3d model settings privacy

    The number of private models you can upload is limited. The number of private model credits you have each month depends on your account type:

    • PRO: 20 private models / month
    • Premium: 200 private models / month
    • Business: 1000 private models / month

    This credit limit is reset after each month of your subscription. If you make a private model public or delete a private model, you will receive an additional credit. However, your credit total can never be greater than the maximum monthly limit.

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