Draft Mode

All models uploaded through the site will be in Draft state, making them invisible to other users. While in Draft mode, you can edit and re-upload as usual. When you’re satisfied with the result, you can Publish your model.

You can Publish a model from the model page, 3D Settings, your profile's Uploads page, or the dropdown menu on the model card in your profile's Models page.


Some things to keep in mind:

  • Once published, a model cannot go back to Draft.
  • Re-uploading doesn’t change the draft state (published stays published, draft stays draft).
  • By default, models uploaded via the API are published automatically.
  • If an upload fails, you’ll get more info on why it failed.
Don't confuse draft models with private models! Only you can view them - you can't share a link or embed until they’re published (except for a preview link, below). You also cannot view Draft models in VR Mode.

Draft Preview

Pro and Business accounts can share a preview link to view a Draft model. Click share preview in the Manage This Model panel, then copy the secret link.

You must be logged in to view a preview link.




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