Animation Settings

You cannot edit or create animations on Sketchfab, but you can edit some animation properties.

The animation tools are available in 3D Settings.

  1. From your model, go to Settings → 3D Settings or add "/edit" to the end of any model URL.
  2. Select the Animation panel in the top left.
Only the model's author can access 3D Settings. Edits you make will not change your original file, they will only affect viewing on Sketchfab.

Sketchfab 3d model settings material editor

Sketchfab 3d model settings scene editor

Sketchfab 3d model settings animation editor

Here, you can edit:

Cycle mode & Playback Speed

Here you can set the default cycle mode and playback speed.

Sketchfab animation 3d settings

Cycle Mode

  • Cycle One: Loop the default animation
  • Cycle All: Loop through each animation
  • No Cycle: Play each animation once, then stop

Playback Speed

  • x0.1: Play at one tenth speed
  • x0.5: Play at half speed
  • x1.0: Play at normal speed
  • x2.0: Play at double speed

Default animation

Choose the default animation by clicking it in the list. The "Play" icon indicates the current selection:

Sketchfab animation settings choose default take

Rename & Delete

Rename or delete an animation from the drop-down menu.

Seamless Loop

Choose Seamless loop if the first and last keyframes should be interpolated:

Sketchfab animation 3d settings drop-down rename delete seamless loop interpolate


Re-order animations in the list by dragging and dropping:

Sketchfab animation editor reordering list


Once you've made your adjustments, including position and orientation, be sure to update your model's thumbnail image and default position with Save View and/or save your changes with Save Settings. You can return to your model by clicking either the model's name or Exit.

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