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    When I add sounds sometimes I will lower the sounds very low but after a few loops of the track the volume will reset and play full blast. Is there a way to fix this or is it a known bug? I usually always use 3d sound for distances also but still keeping the volume low. 
    It can be a bit annoying and frightening hearing the sound suddenly increase full volume. 


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    @phantom-fox Hmm that's weird. Can you share a link to the model? What browser(s) have you tried?

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    Hi @James
    Here is a link to my model

    Sometimes the sound will stay the same volume and sometimes it will suddenly go full volume and ignore the 3d spatial area after a while.

    I have had it happen (and still happens) on another model I have also.

    I use Microsoft edge as its my default browser,
    I'm guessing its the browser causing the problem maybe,
    I'm sure I'm possibly one of the few who use Microsoft edge as their default browser. 

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    Thanks! We have a fix coming soon that's currently in review.

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    I can add an MP3 sound file and it starts to play so I can hear it.  But once I click on save settings I get the following error message:


    Errors while saving the following sounds:

    .[object Object] :[object Object]

    Contact the support team at if you need help."

    I've tried different sound files and different models and different browsers.

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    Sorry about that, we have a fix on the way!

    For now, there is a workaround: whenever this happens you can go in the dropdown button next to the sound track in the editor, choose "Replace" in the menu and pick the sound file again. Then the save will work. 

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    Thank you @James

    This method work fine..

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    Hi team, 

    Is there a way to trigger a sound without an animation? Perhaps using some form of markdown on an annotation?

    Perhaps this is a bug? I know that a single click when the model loads will trigger the audio track to start. But clicking again doesn't start the audio track again. However, if i let it play out, change tabs, and change back, when I click again I can make the audio track trigger again. 

    But I can't reasonably ask my audience to change tabs and change back (not least when they're viewing in a Facebook feed).

    I've got a variety of models to which I want to attach multiple sound clips, triggered separately (versus concurrently), but right now the audio either plays before the model is even done loading, and even if I use preload so that the model is rendered, if the person didn't understand the audio on the first play-- they can't trigger it again.

    And I know loop is the other main alternative, but I've been told the looping sound irritates my viewers and makes them stop exploring the model faster just to make it stop.


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