You can add sound to your 3D scenes on Sketchfab. Sound / audio is great to make your scene more immersive, especially in VR. You can adjust the volume, position sounds in space, and synchronize them with an animation.

Sound on Sketchfab is a Work in Progress and it's not yet available on every platform. See Compatibility.

The sound tools are available in 3D Settings.

  • From your model, go to Settings → 3D Settings or add "/edit" to the end of any model URL.
  • Select the Sound panel in the top left.

Sketchfab 3d model settings material editor

Sketchfab 3d model settings scene editor



Supported sounds

Sketchfab currently supports MP3 files:

By adding sound, you confirm that you comply with our Terms of service and that you do not violate someone else's copyright. Many websites offer collections of royalty-free or public domain sounds and music. For example:

Account Limitations

The number of sound tracks you can add to your scene depends on your plan:

  • Free account: 1 sound track
  • Pro account: up to 5 sound tracks
  • Business account: up to 10 sound tracks

Adding sounds to your scene

To add sound to your scene, open your scene in the editor and go to the Sound tab.

To add your first sound track, click Add Sound.


In the popup, you can add a new sound track:


Managing sound tracks

Sound tracks have the following options:

  • Loop: Enable this option to make the sound repeat over and over.
  • 3D: Enable this options to make the sound positioned in space. When enabled, you can move the sound in the 3D viewport. You can also adjust the radius of the sound by making the sphere smaller or larger. Inside the sphere the volume is constant. Outside the sphere, the volume falls off. You can change the attenuation between Exponential and Linear. For reference, sound is spatialized with the HTML5 Web Audio API.
  • Volume: Adjust the default volume of the sound.
  • Sync animation: When the model is animated, this will make the sound to start/restart playing when the animation reaches the given time. If the model has multiple animations, synchronization is only supported on the first animation.
  • Stick to closest geometry: When a model is animated and your sound is set to 3D, you can choose to make it stick to and follow the nearest object around the scene.




Sound synchronization only works for animation playing at x1.0 speed.
Click the clock icon to fill the time with the current time of the animation.

Viewing scenes with sound

When you view a scene that has sound, you will hear the sounds added by the author. Depending on the platform, sound might be muted by default.


  • Adjusting the volume: hover over the Sound icon, and adjust the volume slider
  • Mute: click on the Sound icon. You can also press the M key to mute.


We are constantly working to improve the compatibility with a larger number of configurations. Refer to the following table to know which configurations are supported.

Configuration Ambient Sound Sound synchronized with animation 3D Sound
Google Chrome Desktop (v57+) Yes Yes Yes
Mozilla Firefox Desktop (v53+) Yes Yes Yes
Apple Safari Desktop (10.1+) Yes* Yes* Yes*
Microsoft Edge (v38+) Yes Yes Yes
Google Chrome Android (v57+) Yes Yes Yes
Safari iOS (10.3+) Yes No No
Chromium Experimental VR Build (2016-08-29) No No No
Mozilla Firefox Nightly (55.0a1+) Yes Yes Yes


* 3D sound in Safari Desktop can be distorted.
Sound on iOS is muted by default.


Once you've made your adjustments, including position and orientation, be sure to update your model's thumbnail image and default position with Save View and/or save your changes with Save Settings. You can return to your model by clicking either the model's name or Exit.

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