Share Online

You can quickly share the fullscreen version of your model by adding '/embed' to the end of any model URL:

Otherwise, click the Share button on a model's page, under the viewer.

Sketchfab share and embed a 3D model - model page

From there, you can copy the short link to share the model page, or click one of the social media icons to authorize sharing directly to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, etc.

Sketchfab share and embed a 3D model - share popup

For embedding in websites and other platforms, see Embed Models and Embed on Web Platforms.


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    Any plans for Instagram or snapchat?

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    Nothing on the roadmap yet, but it's definitely something we're thinking about!

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    Hi, James:

    Instagram is rocking as is snapchat. Nobody under the age of 3o looks at Facebook anymore.


    John P (member since 2015)

    PS - while I have your attention, what does the business level get me? we have a start up that could do 500 additions  each weekend. Should I talk that through with someone?

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    Hi John,

    The Business plan allows you to upload larger files (up to 500MB), add more annotations (up to 50), and hide UI elements in the embedded viewer.

    Happy to put you in touch with someone on our team if you need to discuss more.