Category Guidelines

You can add a Sketchfab model to any of 18 categories. To assign a category, see Model Properties. You should choose the most accurate and specific category for you scene. This helps improve your model's Discoverability and search results. This article describes each category and provides examples. We understand that there may not always be one perfect choice, and we leave the decision up to the artist. However, the Sketchfab team will moderate cases where content categorization is debatable and reserves the right to make the final decision.

Animals & Pets

Representations of animals - both realistic and stylized. You can put extinct animals here too, like dinosaurs!

Sketchfab category - animals - highland cow

Though stylized, this model represents a real animal.

Sketchfab category - animals - undead reindeer

This is a fantasy animal, which belongs in the Characters & Creatures category.

Sketchfab category - animals - rat anatomy

While an actual animal, this model is scientifically accurate and would be a better fit for Science & Technology.


Architectural or stylized scenes depicting buildings. Interior scenes and objects like furniture belong in the Furniture & Home category.

Sketchfab category - architecture - Maison d'artiste

While never realized, this was an actual and cornerstone of architectural design.

Sketchfab category - architecture - Taka house

Stylized architectural models are welcome here too.

Sketchfab category - architecture - Cathedral

This one is up to the artist; Architecture is a good place, but as this is generated inside a game, Gaming works too.

Art & Abstract

Any classical or abstract art. Exceptions: work that could be more specifically classified as Cultural Heritage & History.

Sketchfab category - art - Girl with the Pearl Earring

A 3D interpretation of an Old Master.

Sketchfab category - art - Flower made in Tilt Brush

Abstract work, as well as (scans of) installations are welcome here too.

Sketchfab category - art - David

While this is clearly art, the Cultural Heritage category would be more specific for this model.

Cars & Vehicles

This is the right place for all moving vehicles, including fantasy and Science-Fiction.

Sketchfab category - cars - Fiat Punto

Yep, it's a car.

Sketchfab category - cars - Archelon

Spaceships are welcome here too!

Sketchfab category - cars - Spirited Away

Even though this scene is situated inside a train, the focus is on the environment and character, and not the vehicle. The right category would be Places & Travel.

Characters & Creatures

Fictional people or animals.

Sketchfab category - characters - Mushroom Golem

This character is clearly not an attempt at creating a realistic human figure.

Sketchfab category - characters - Viking

For realistic characters such as this one, we'll leave the decision up to you. In general, we recommend putting fantasy characters into this category and not into People.

Sketchfab category - characters - Horse

While not a realistic horse, the Art category would be a more specific match in this case.

Cultural Heritage & History

Objects, artefacts and visualisations directly related to the history of life on Earth and intended for the education and instruction of viewers in the field of cultural heritage.

Sketchfab category - cultural heritage - Castle

This is a 3D scan of a real and historical place, labelled as such.

Sketchfab category - cultural heritage - Granite Head

An antiquity from the British Museum.

Sketchfab category - cultural heritage - Viking

While clearly based on real world vikings, it does not depict a person who actually lived or is intended for education or instruction.This model should be posted in the Characters & Creatures category.

Electronics & Gadgets

Any scenes or assets representing actual existing products, or designs of such products. Any scifi-scenes probably belong in Games.

Sketchfab category - electronics - HTC Vive

An actual product.

Sketchfab category - electronics - Power plug

A component of an actual gadget.

Sketchfab category - electronics - Pip boy

Not an actual product. This specific one belongs in Games.

Fashion & Style

Scenes relating to fashion and style: clothing, accessories, fashion-related celebrities.

Sketchfab category - fashion - Fashion model

This scan of a fashion model is belongs here instead of in People as this is more specific.

Sketchfab category - fashion - Shoes

Shoes and other fashion accessories can be posted in this category.

Sketchfab category - fashion - Watch

Fashion & Style is a better match for watches than Electronics & Gadgets (although you might choose to put a smart watch there, or an old-time vintage watch into Cultural Heritage).

Food & Drink

Any models where the focus is on food or drink related items.

Sketchfab category - food - Hamburger

This is food.

Sketchfab category - food - Delicious Food Stuffz

Stylized food is ok too.

Sketchfab category - food - Diner

A restaurant or diner scene would be a better match for Places & Travel.

Furniture & Home

Any interior architecture scenes, furniture or household objects.

Sketchfab category - furniture - Nordic living room

This complete interior scene is a great fit.

Sketchfab category - furniture - Gaming chair

Concepts for furniture can be posted in this category too.

Sketchfab category - furniture - Alchemy lab props

This game asset could fit best in Gaming.


This category contains game-specific content, fan art and content generated from games (like Minecraft or Kerbal Space Program).

Sketchfab category - gaming - Gods of Rome

This character is an asset from an actual game. It's more specific than Characters & Creatures, so it belongs here.

Sketchfab category - gaming - Gun

Any game props or environments can be posted here too.

Sketchfab category - gaming - Nintendo Switch

Game hardware belongs in Electronics & Gadgets.


Any scenes related to music and sound, like musical instruments.

Sketchfab category - music - Classical scene

Traditional musical instruments should be posted here.

Sketchfab category - music - DJ Booth Equipment

Music is a better match for such equipment than Electronics & Gadgets, but in such edge cases we'll leave the decision to you.

Sketchfab category - music - Daft Punk

Scenes with music stars should be posted in this category rather than in People as this is a more specific match.

Nature & Plants

Any scenes representing actual nature. Fantasy models belong in other categories.

Sketchfab category - nature - Cactus

A realistic representation of an actual plant model.

Sketchfab category - nature - Minimalist style deer

A (stylized) nature scene. As the focus is more on the landscape and nature than on the single animal, this is a better match than Animals & Pets.

Sketchfab category - nature - Little alien's favorite pond

Fantasy nature like this alien scene does not belong in this category. A better match for this scene would be Places & Travel.

News & Politics

Scenes that represent or illustrate any news-related stories or people.

Sketchfab category - news - JFK

This model represents a historical event.

Sketchfab category - news - Trump

(Caricatures of) politicians belong in this category instead of People because it is more specific.

Sketchfab category - news - Newspaper stand

These newspapers are not News, and belong in the Furniture category instead.


Actual people, can be 3D scans or stylised. Any models that are not based on actual people should be posted in Characters & Creatures.

Sketchfab category - people - Gangnam style

Alban is a real person (it's unknown if he is actually a good dancer).

Sketchfab category - people - Leon and Mathilda

Though stylised, these models represent actors from a movie.

Sketchfab category - people - Viking

This Viking is not a real person and fits better in Characters and Creatures.

Places & Travel

Scenes that offer an extensive and immersive experience of "being in another place". This category can contain both actual as well as fictional places.

Sketchfab category - places - Site de Commarque

This is a realistic representation of an actual place in France.

Sketchfab category - places - Mars

Though fictional, this scene lets you Travel to Mars and explore the scenery there.

Sketchfab category - places - Ftm

There's a lot to explore in this fantasy scene, a good match for Places & Travel.

Science & Technology

Actual (not fictional) technological or scientific content. Exceptions are when there is a more specific category available. An example of this would be museum pieces that belong in Cultural Heritage, and not in Science & Technology.

Sketchfab category - science - Jet Engine

This scan represents actual technology and is a good match. It fits here better than in Cars & Vehicles as it focuses exclusively on the technology.

Sketchfab category - science - Horse scan

This model is a better fit for the Cultural Heritage category, which is more specific.

Sketchfab category - science - USS Enterprise

Not actual science; this model belongs in the Cars & Vehicles category.

Sports & Fitness

Any scenes that are associated with sports, sports attributes or sports celebrities.

Sketchfab category - sports - Football helmet

Sports equipment can be posted in this category too.

Sketchfab category - sports - Daniel Viveira

Daniel Vieira is an actual football player from Brazil. This scan should be in Sports & Fitness rather than People because this is a more specific match.

Sketchfab category - sports - Shoe

This shoe belongs in this category as it is more specific than Fashion & Style.


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    You need a Biology section.

  • Avatar

    Hi @intervoke - I think Nature or Science should be sufficient?

  • Avatar

    I confess a degree of bias on this matter but for me, intervoke is on the right lines here.

    Much of the science related material on Sketchfab is centered on natural subjects for which the category Nature & Plants is descriptively insufficient.

    In my experience, most science is more related to the natural world than it is to man made technology. Some examples - anatomy, archaeology, astronomy, biology, chemistry, geography, geology, oceanography, paleontology and zoology.

    In my opinion, a more representative category split would be Science & Nature and Technology & Engineering.

  • Avatar

    Thanks for the feedback! I'm passing it on to the team.

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    Isn't "Entertainment" or "Film" a useful category? Thinking of recreating models from films or tv-series specifically, If I would, say for an example, create a sword from a film, where would I put it?

  • Avatar

    @ludwigher Thanks for the feedback, I'm passing it on to the team. We're still discussing how to handle more category changes.

  • Avatar

    Good idea to streamline categories as it helps narrow down when one has to search or explore.

    I would like to ask if there is a way one could search or explore, using two or three categories for models that span across two or three categories.

    And @strick67, Science & Nature and Nature & Plant categories seem like the same to me.