Materials (MatCap)

MatCap (Material Capture) shaders are complete materials, including lighting and reflections. They work by defining a color for every vertex normal direction relative to the camera. You can switch the default renderer to MatCap in Scene Settings. You can also switch a Lit model to MatCap in the viewer controls.

After setting the renderer, you can edit the MatCap from the Materials tab.

MatCap Image

The default MatCap is "skin_soft", but there are 6 MatCap images available to all users. Switch between them in the list.

Sketchfab materials MatCap defaults

Sketchfab materials MatCap skin soft

Sketchfab materials MatCap skin clay

Sketchfab materials MatCap metal

MatCap Tint

Use the color picker to apply a color to the MatCap material.

Sketchfab materials MatCap tint

Separate Materials

Disable Apply to all materials to use a different MatCap for each material. Switch between them in the dropdown.

Sketchfab materials MatCap all-materials


Use the Curvature slider to increase the contrast of details, including normal maps. It requires smooth-shaded vertex normals on geometries.

Sketchfab materials MatCap curvature

Importing Custom MatCaps

PRO and Business users can import custom MatCap images by clicking Import MatCap Image.

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