The Model Inspector allows you to study details about a model's geometry, topology, materials, and textures. Activate it by clicking/tapping the button in the bottom right of the viewer or pressing the I key.

Sketchfab model inspector menu button


The wireframe view lets you see the mesh's topology (triangles, quads, n-Gons). You can choose a color from the menu, and the keyboard shortcut is 5.

Sketchfab model inspector wireframe


You can choose between showing a 3D view of the model, a 2D view the selected texture, or both side by side.

If you prefer not to allow your textures to be inspected directly, you can disable the 2D view in Model Properties.

Sketchfab model inspector viewport 3d + 2d

Sketchfab model inspector  viewport 2d texture


Final Render and No Post-Processing allow you to enable or disable Post-processing filters. The keyboard shortcut is 1.

Sketchfab model inspector final render


Then you can inspect each material channel that's active on the model (base color, normal map, etc.). The keyboard shortcut is 2.

If you're using 3D+2D or 2D mode and the model has more than one material, you can choose a material in the scene by clicking/tapping it in the viewer or from the drop-down menu in the top-right. If a model has more than one UV set, you can also switch between them from the drop-down menu. 

Sketchfab model inspector material uv selection

Sketchfab model inspector materials loop


You can enable MatCap mode and MatCap + Surface (if the material has a normap map), as well as show the blank Geometry to better inspect the wireframe, and display vertex normals. The keyboard shortcut to toggle through them is 3 but you can combine the views together with MatCap (6) and Wireframe (5).

Sketchfab model inspector matcap

Sketchfab model inspector geometry

Sketchfab model inspector vertex normals


The UV Checker lets you inspect the model's UVs using a sample grid texture. The keyboard shortcut is 4.

Sketchfab model inspector uv checker

If you would like to use this UV checker image in your own projects, you can download it here:

Sketchfab UV Checker texture

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  • Avatar

    sounds like a great improvement to the old inspector...

    but i cant see the material selection? i am using chrome...

  • Avatar

    @atlantismemorials - Sorry about that. The material selector only appears in the 2D+3D and 2D views. I'll update this page to make that clearer.

  • Avatar

    Is the UV Checker image available for download?

  • Avatar

    @weirdy Sure! I just added it above. You can find some more here:

  • Avatar

    I don't have the option to view 2D. Is there a setting I need to use for this to work?


  • Avatar

    Never mind! I figured it out. Some of my meshes were importing with Allow Texture Inspection on and some off, randomly. Will turn it on in the future.

  • Avatar

    Cool, glad you figured it out :)

    We did not automatically enable it for older models when we first launched the Inspector. Maybe that's what happened?

  • Avatar

    I loaded in a model today, and it was set to off by default. On immediate import we have the option to set it as private with or without password. After import, you have to go into the properties if you want to turn ON texture inspector or age restricted content.

    Any reason that the texture inspector is off by default? I would think most would want that info visible when showing off their asset.

    Thanks for your time!

  • Avatar

    Ah I see, you're using the upload feature in the Substance Painter uploader? We haven't implemented enabling the 2D inspector during the automatic export yet, but we're in contact with the Allegorithmic and we hope to get it done soon!

  • Avatar

    Awesome! Thank you James