3D File Formats

    3D Formats

    Sketchfab supports more than 50 3D formats:

    • 3DC point cloud (.3dc, .asc)
    • 3DS (.3ds)
    • ac3d (.ac)
    • Alembic (.abc)
    • Alias Wavefront (.obj)
    • Biovision Hierarchy (.bvh)
    • Blender (.blend)
    • Carbon Graphics Inc (.geo)
    • Collada (.dae, .zae)
    • Design Web Format (.dwf)
    • Designer Workbench (.dw)
    • DirectX (.x)
    • Drawing eXchange Format (.dxf)
    • Autodesk Filmbox, FBX (.fbx)
    • GDAL vector format (.ogr)
    • Generic Tagged Arrays (.gta)
    • GL Transmission Format (.gltf, .glb)
    • Initial Graphics Exchange Specification, IGES (.igs, .iges)
    • Kerbal Space Program (.mu, .craft)
    • Google Earth, Keyhole Markup Language (.kmz)
    • LIDAR point clouds (.las)
    • Lightwave (.lwo, .lws)
    • Mimesys Q3D (.q3d)
    • Minecraft (.mc2obj, .dat)
    • Open Flight (.flt)
    • Open Inventor (.iv)
    • OpenSceneGraph (.osg, .osgt, .osgb, .osgterrain, .osgtgz, .osgx, .ive)
    • Polygon File Format (.ply)
    • Quake (.bsp)
    • Quake / Valve source engine (.md2, .mdl)
    • Shape (.shp)
    • Stereolithography, Standard Tessellation Language (.stl, .sta)
    • Terrapage format database (.txp)
    • Valve source engine (.vpk)
    • Virtual Reality Modeling Language, VRML (.wrl, .wrz)

    If the 3D format you prefer isn’t listed here, the 3D software you used to make it should be able to export your model to one of these supported formats.

    Compressed Archives

    We also support uploading a compressed archive with your file(s) in it:

    • ZIP
    • RAR
    • 7z

    We also have lots of exporters, for software like Cinema4D, Maya, 3ds Max, and more!

    For information about texture map and material shader support, see Textures & Materials.

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      +1 for STEP file please

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      @stepcia - thanks!

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      Great, Hello every one thanks for being here, we may connect soon, best regards

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      fbx ???

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      @stroporez79 - Are you having trouble? Can you send me the link to the model?

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      This is really helping me to upload my new format/scene 

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      I'm playing with the point cloud option. LAS is cool, but not as universal as I'd like. I don't see support for common formats like e57 or PTS. Are they supported?

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      @jscottsmith - I'm not sure about e57, but I think PTS is almost the same as an ASCII point cloud file. If you open it as plain text, is there a header with info like the total number of points followed by one line per point:

      x y z R G B

      x y z R G B

      If you remove the header line(s) and rename .pts to .asc, we should be able to process it. Happy to take a closer look if you send a sample to support@sketchfab.com

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      Thanks James. I'll give that a shot. Next question...  how big a dataset can my account handle? Is there a limit on file size or number of points or something?

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      @jscottsmith - Looks like you have a Business account, so you can upload files up to 500MB. We also support uploading compressed ZIP/RAR/7z archives, which can save a lot of space.

      We should be able to handle at least 10 million points, but there are examples even higher than that: https://sketchfab.com/models/435e8fb63d9f45a3b590eb6bbfd2531e

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      Can't upload *.dxf file (made by me in AutoCAD 2015, originally saved as *.dwg 2013) - error 13. In Autocad looks OK, successfuly converted & opened in SketchUP and SolidWorks.

      What should I do to fix it? I mean, that I would be able to upload the file into Your cloud for my students.

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      @jevgenikareva Sorry about that, could you send me a link to one of the pages that threw error 13 so i can take a closer look?

      Does your version of AutoCAD export to FBX format?

      Alternatively, could you upload from SketchUp or SolidWorks instead? https://sketchfab.com/exporters

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      Last message : May 10, 2017

      Why anyone don't wanna speak here??

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      you are the best and stay cool

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      Hello James

      I created a model by Trnio and I'd like to link to Sketchfab for uploading the model file.

      But, in order to do this, I should need a token which is sent to the email resigstered with Sketchfab, but I haven't received any email from Trino or Sketchfab.

      In terms of this problem, is there a problem in Sketchfab or Trino?

      Looking forward to hearing from you soon.



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      Hi Hong,

      You can always find your API Token again in your profile settings: https://sketchfab.com/settings/password