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Supported 3D File Formats



  • dunealex

    @James - That is a long list. I guess it´s only interesting to list the mods that add textures, or somehow work with them?
    KW Rocketry
    Kerbal Engineer
    Real Chutes
    Kerbal Attachment System
    Adjustable Landinggear

    There are so many of them... If you want to cover most of the popular mods, I recommend the hitlist:

  • James

    @eth3r - Thanks for the feedback. We'd love a Rhino plugin, too! We haven't found a developer to do it for us yet, so if you know someone, send them my way :)

  • eth3r

    I don't personally, but from the top of my head, the guy that did the grasshopper one should be more than qualified. Also, and I know this is not the right place for it but still, you guys really need mobile integration. I just tried looking at a model from my ipad and it was not orbiting properly. Besides these details, you guys are doing an aweosme job, keep it up.

  • bsg_dimaggio

    why is maya .mb and .ma not listed anymore? 6 months ago it was and now it isn't?

  • eth3r

    I am sure am not the first one to ask but 3DM support pliiiiiiz. Grasshopper is a good integration but also an extra step that isn't necessary. It would actually make more sense to create a Rhino plugin directly imho, since all gh user use rhino, but not all rhino users us gh.

  • gilat77



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