Interface and Options

    This is the Sketchfab viewer:


    View the controls and reset the camera.

    Sketchfab 3d model viewer help


    Available settings depend on 3D Settings.

    Sketchfab 3d model viewer settings

    Sketchfab 3d model viewer settings


    The old Rendering menu has been replaced by the Model Inspector. The follow UI options will only be visible in embeds where the Inspector is disabled.

    Default (Lit): Use all materials and lights.

    Sketchfab 3d model viewer rendering default lit

    Shadeless: Remove the effects of lights. This is good for 3D scans, baked lighting, and cartoon shading.

    Sketchfab 3d model viewer rendering shadeless

    MatCap: "Material Capture" applies material and lights to the whole model. It is useful to inspect the model's shape and normals.

    Sketchfab 3d model viewer rendering matcap

    Wireframe: Sketchfab supports tris and quads. Other n-Gons are supported, but can cause issues; triangulate meshes if possible.

    Sketchfab 3d model viewer rendering wireframe

    The available options depend on how the model was saved by the author. For example, if a model is saved in Shadeless mode, Lit and MatCap will not be available. This improves viewer load times because it does not need to download unnecessary components (e.g. tangent information used for shading).


    • Orbit (default): rotate around a fixed camera points
    • First Person: walk through space and look around

    See Navigation

    Sketchfab 3d model viewer settings navigation


    Set max texture resolution. We automatically choose the best setting for performance and quality on your device and GPU. If multi-resolution textures have not been generated yet, this option may not be available. We will not show options lower than your device's default.

    See Materials and Textures and Performance

    Sketchfab 3d model viewer settings texture

    View in VR

    See Virtual Reality

    Sketchfab 3d model viewer vr virtual reality

    Theater Mode

    When viewing on model page, you can expand the viewer to the full width of the window.

    Theater Mode is not available in the embedded viewer or on devices with small screens.

    Sketchfab 3d model viewer theater mode


    Open the viewer in fullscreen mode

    Opens in a new tab on iOS or when fullscreen isn't available (missing allowfullscreen attribute on embed).

    Sketchfab 3d model viewer fullscreen


    This is the animation timeline.

    Click/tap Play/Pause to toggle playback. Press Enter to focus the timestamp text field, enter a specific time or frame, and press Enter again to go to that time or frame.

    Click and drag the cursor on the timeline ("scrub") to go to that moment. If the animation is playing, it will play from that moment. If the animation is paused, it will stay paused at this moment. Scrolling while hovering on the timeline also scrubs.

    Sketchfab 3d model viewer animation timeline

    Animation options are available in the animation menu next to the timestamp.

    View different animation takes or the Static Pose by clicking the animation name. You can set the default animation and animation order in Animation Settings.

    Change the cycle type:

    • One: loop the current animation
    • All: loop through all available animations
    • None: play all the available animations then stop

    Change the animation speed:

    • x0.1: slow the animation by 10
    • x0.5: slow the animation by 2
    • x1: restore the normal speed
    • x2: speed up the animation by 2


    Switch between viewing the timeline in seconds or frames by clicking the timestamp.




    URL Parameters

    When embedding the viewer, it's possible to hide many interface elements if the model is on a Business account.

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    • Avatar

      Why is there no function to make a dimensional measurement?

    • Avatar

      @NRES - It's on our to-do list! I don't have an ETA at the moment.

    • Avatar

      I don't understand how the view counter is working.
      There is always a mismatch between the figure in the overall view of models and the detailed view.
      Even a shift+F5 refresh doesn't work to align figures.
      Are there two counters, one for the vignet view and one for the detail view ?

    • Avatar

      @fredlucazeau - Looks like a cache issue on our end. We have improvements to our caching system coming soon. Hopefully this will improve the issue.

    • Avatar

      It would be really cool, if there was an option to activate and deactivate turntable..

    • Avatar

      @triix3d - You can add ?autospin=1 (or any other number) to a model URL, but you're right, a button for it might be nice.

      See other URL parameters here:

    • Avatar
      Is there a way to have the fixed directional lighting in my model rotate with the model in the embeded viewer when it's on the turntable? Right now the model rotates separate from the lighting so the shadows are changing as it rotates.
    • Avatar
      @martinoa - I'll keep the conversation here:
    • Avatar

      Is there a way to find on which website a model is embeded ?
      Is it also possible to restrict access only on some domain ?

    • Avatar


      1) Not at the moment.
      2) 'Domain-level privacy' (similar to Vimeo) is something we might implement in the future. I'll add your '+1' to this feature request!

    • Avatar

      How do you control the available texture resolutions? I've uploaded models where I had options from LD, SD and HD, yet my latest model doesn't have that, it just views in HD automatically without the options (and thus crashes on iphone 6).

    • Avatar

      @edwin.wallet - the compressed, multi-resolution textures are generated automatically, depending on the resolution of your original textures, but this can take some time - 10-15 minutes after uploading or making changes to materials in 3D Settings.

      Are you asking about the Eurocopter model? This model has LD and HD versions now.

      35 textures is quite a lot. If you have any opportunity to reduce the number of textures, it will probably help performance.

    • Avatar

      Hi James, thank you for your reply. I see the model does have LD and HD now, great! So all it takes is a little time, great. I hope there will be a SD setting aswell, just have to wait and see I guess. It runs smoothly on my desktop and the SD version will run great on mobile devices. I don't really see a way to reduce the high-res textures without compromising the detail. I did reduce the resolution of some less-important textures though.

    • Avatar

      Hi everybody. Would it be possible to set the same preferences for all uploads?

    • Avatar

      @austennuttall - Not at the moment without using the API, but some kind of "presets" feature in the editor is something we hope to implement in the future. I'll add your '+1' to this feature request :)

    • Avatar

      The model mentioned above (eurocopter) never got the SD variant unfortunately, only LD and HD.

      I would much prefer a SD over the LD, because the LD is pretty much useless.

      Does anybody know why SD is sometimes not generated?

    • Avatar

      @edwin.wallet - LD and SD are defined by a "pixel budget". If your full resolution textures are within that SD budget, then SD becomes HD and we don't define any SD level. You'll usually only see all 3 LD/SD/HD on models with very big full resolution textures, like 8k.

    • Avatar

      Why my tumbnails are not working when i am sharing with FACEBOOK?

    • Avatar

      @droneximages - Thumbnails might not work on Facebook if the model is private (or has been private). The best thing to do is re-scrape the link using FB's debug tool:

    • Avatar

      In the initialization of the viewer API (or through REST), how can we render the model in the HTML iframe in MatCap, Shadeless or Wireframe? 

    • Avatar


      Rendering mode functions are not included in the Viewer API. You can, however, change shading with the Data API:!/models/patch_v3_models_uid_options

    • Avatar

      The first time I upload a model, it sends an email to me saying its ready to edit after processing.
      But I cant share it right away, it takes a few more hours to be viewable without a login.

      Is this normal or an option that I can disable somewhere?
      How long does it take exactly to be able to share the model with the outside world?

    • Avatar


      Hmm, are you sure the model is not in Draft mode? When you say "viewable without a login", is that on the model page itself, or are you sharing it somewhere else like Facebook?

    • Avatar

      It shouldn't be, everytime I upload something, it takes about one hour to be able to view it logged out.
      So sharing is only possible right away if the viewer has a login.

      It works fine after that.