3D Software

There are many 3D software platforms on the market, available both for purchase and for free.

If you're new to 3D, try these free, easy-to-learn tools:

  • 3D Slash: Use cubes to build printable models
  • Sculptfab: A free, web-based sculpting tool based on Stéphane Ginier's SculptGL.
  • Sculptris: Digital sculpting for beginners, from the makers of ZBrush
  • Smoothie-3D: Create 3D models from an image

For more advanced 3D features, check out some software popular popular among our users:

  • 3ds Max: Modeling and rendering
  • Blender: Modeling, rendering, animation ( Free, open-source )
  • Maya: Modeling and animation
  • Modo: Modeling, sculpting, 3D painting, animation and rendering
  • Rhino: Mathematically precise, freeform surface modeling
  • SketchUp: Modeling with a focus on ease of use ( Free )
  • Unity: Cross-platform game engine ( Free )
  • ZBrush: Sculpting, texturing and painting

There are many, many other great choices out there. Even some video games have high levels of support for exporting 3D models, including Kerbal Space Program, Minecraft, and Spore.

Many platforms also have built-in or plug-in support for Sketchfab publishing; check out our Exporters and Integrations.

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