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Materials and Textures



  • James

    Hi @samplia,

    I'm afraid there has been no progress on supporting animated textures in the "regular" viewer, it can only be done with the Viewer API:

    For what it's worth, Twinmotion and Sketchfab are both part of Epic Games, and we are working on tighter integrations between the various tools (especially Quixel and Twinmotion). So, maybe we'll be able to handle such materials at some point.

  • orfeasrodo

    Hey again @James,

    I see here

    that: UV transforms can be imported and exported via glTF

    But with the  when we Publish to Sketchfab the textures are not uploaded (understandable you only post the glTF) with the glTF file but also the material is not correct.

    When it finished uploading I saw in the 3Dsettings that the Emission was ON ( my materials had only a basecolor texture, normal map texture and some tiling/scale variable to check the UV Transforms, I am using HDRP/Lit materials.) and after I uploaded the textures and assigned them properly the  UV transforms was the default ones.

    So is it that the glTF the api is sending has no material info or is it a compatibility issue with HDRP?

    If the textures was in the zip the the api is posting would the textures be assigned properly with UV transforms ?

    Overall, you think I have better compatibility with glTF over obj + mtl ?

    (exporting models + materials + textures from unity, uploading to Sketchfab )

    If you have any documentation about the format of a glTF file or anything that can help me I would appreciate it.

    Thank you for your time.

  • doneil


    Avoid material names with matching substrings, for example "handle" and "woodenhandle" in the same scene.

    How strict is this requirement? I ask because I often have matching substrings in material names to help organize my materials—for example, let’s say I have a scene containing a church and a house. I may want to have all my materials assigned to the church structure prefixed with “chu” and those assigned to the house structure prefixed with “hou,” e.g., chuRoof, chuDoor, houWindow. The prefixes also help distinguish between materials for analogous elements in both structures, e.g., chuDoor vs. houDoor.

  • Parjapati.Alok

    Pls help me। Mujhe bhi video banana hai 3d me

  • eng.costajunior

    É possível deixar o fundo transparente?


  • James

    Yes, you can make the background transparent. Learn more here:


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