To display 3D content in real-time we use WebGL, which is a standard in most modern browsers.

You can check if your browser is compatible on

For more technical details about WebGL on your machine, see


  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Opera
  • Safari (must enable manually in 7.1.3 [OS X 10.9] and earlier)
    • Go to Safari → Preferences → Advanced and check Show Develop menu in menu bar.
    • Go to Develop → Enable WebGL.
  • Internet Explorer, 11+


  • Android 4.0 with Firefox beta and Google Chrome
  • iOS 8
  • Blackberry browser


On older browsers or devices with WebGL disabled, models are displayed with an image-based fallback that gives a 360° turntable view of the model.

If you run into problems, make sure your graphics driver and browser are up-to-date. If that doesn’t help, try one of the other browsers listed above. is a good place to start troubleshooting.

Sometimes, your browser may disable WebGL based on your GPU. If you are using a compatible browser, but you see an incompatible warning or the viewer performs very badly, try forcing the browser to use your GPU:

Safari Cookies

Safari's default handling of cookies from iframes can have undesirable effects on embedded models. If you experience issues entering a private model's password, liking a model, or downloading a model from inside an embed, check your Safari preferences:

Safari cookie settings

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    i was just checkin the models with 3d camera orbit and boom it stopped workin. i was even tested the compatibility and it was totally compatible and this site being a idiot it says i dont have the compatibility

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    @henderson.bredley - I'm sorry to hear that. Is this happening on all models? Different browsers? Can you please post a screenshot of this report?

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    If someone here has problem with Chrome that is unavailable to display the 3D view. Please check Chrome Settings-> Advance Settings->System-> stick Use Hardware Acceleration When Available.

    Hope it could help you guys !

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    Hi, on Chrome I get an error when viewing this model:
    On Internet Explorer the model won't load.

    The error is: 3D/WebGL context error: Your browser seems to have hit its 3D capability limit. The page needs to be reloaded to fix this.
    If the problems persists, you can try to close other tabs with 3D/WebGL or restart your browser entirely.

    However, in Edge the model seems to work fine. Is there something I can do to make the model work in Chrome as well? Do I need to decimate the model more..

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    @wnslw - Hmm, weird. Can you go to http://chrome://flags/#ignore-gpu-blacklist and enabled the "Override software rendering list" flag?

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    I'm having serious issues getting ANYTHING to load on some earlier android devices like an S4 running 4.4.4. I'm getting the WebGL error with sketchfab even on test models of 167 faces.

    I know it's not my browser because A) the webGL tests all check out and B) I've tried 4 different browsers and C) Marmoset viewer is loading just fine on the same device.

    This is going to be a problem for me as it now means my client will have to re-direct their mobile site to static content instead of the sketchfab model.




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    OK, there is something really wrong. I can't even load a cube- a six sided cube, no textures etc. on the S4 with Sketchfab. Again...other webGL apps are working fine.

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    I also answered on the forum ( ). I think it's related to Android 4, so maybe this article needs to be updated. Can you upgrade to 6 or 7?

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    Fixed it! I checked on Edge and everything was fine so it was Chrome, so I did all these steps:

    1. Updated Chrome, (didn't know if it was outdated, though).
    2. Did what James said: February 14, 2017 11:05 "@wnslw - Hmm, weird. Can you go to http://chrome://flags/#ignore-gpu-blacklist and enabled the "Override software rendering list" flag?"
    3. And, Enabled http://chrome://flags/#enable-webgl-draft-extensions
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    Glad you got it working!

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    I just want to post a short addentum here: On Chrome, for unsupported configurations (such as my RX480 on Ubuntu 17.04 with amdgpu), you can actually toggle a pair of Chrome flags to force hardware rendering on, so you won't have to deal with massive slowdowns on models.

    Step 1: Go to http://chrome://flags 

    Step 2: Enable the "Override software rendering list"

    Step 3: Hit Ctrl+F, this will bring up a find line. Type "3D software rasterizer" here.

    Step 4: Disable it.

    Step 5: Restart chrome.

    Step 6: Enjoy lag-free Sketchfab on your non-Windows platform.

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    @CheetahPixie Nice, thanks!