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    shpilevoj_aleksej (Sketchfab Profile)

    1) Maybe I didn't look, but I don't understand how to upload it to the organization's account?
    2) When loading several elements, 3ds Max often freezes (Even on light scenes, no more than 10 different objects)
    3) If the loading is successful, then there are displacements between the given material and, in general, the geometry changes chaotically, not taking into account that according to the materials it has already been divided into separate elements. Here is an example of a screenshot of how 4 objects turned out to be 2 and those were not divided as needed.

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    James (Sketchfab Profile)

    Hi shpilevoj_aleksej

    It's not currently possible to upload to Organization accounts using the API (and therefore exporter plugins like this). It's something we're working on next.

    For the other two issues, I recommend contacting Klaas Nienhuis directly, as he develops and maintains the plugin: https://forum.sketchfab.com/u/klaasnienhuis/summary

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    SakrYassmeen (Sketchfab Profile)

    Hi James, 

    I have a Weird Problem with the 3dsMax exporter, I'm attaching a screenshot to better illustrate it as well.

    The problem am facing is: After installing and following the tutorials and the documentation and authorized my account to be able to directly publish the model on my account, but the problem is when I click publish the selected object to be exported it asked to save the file then starts to render the baked lights and everything but without the blue bar of the exporter moving or the "Open the model .." icon, it only writes Zipfile created and when I press on it opens the file location but with No new Zipped file created or any new files !!!

    I searched through the forums and problems and didn't  find a match to my problem yet.

    It seems like the exporter working but not quite fully, Something am doing wrong ?? 

    Thanks in Advance,

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