OpenID 2.0 → Google+


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Google has deprecated OpenID 2.0 and these services were shut down 20 April 2015.


What does this mean for your Sketchfab account?

We are migrating our "Log in with Google" feature to Google+ Sign-In (OAuth 2.0, OpenID Connect). This is planned for mid-March.

If you already have a Google+ profile, the transition will be seamless. If you do not, you can join Google+. Alternatively, you can reset your password and use our native email/password login method.

After migration, attempting to login with a Google account that does not have a Google+ profile will prompt you to create one.

If you do not use Google to login to Sketchfab, you will not notice anything.

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    what the actual hell. Are they really determined to push google+ down our throats this way as well?

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    @AlexanderM. I don't feel that this is an attempt to force google+ integration. They have stated many times in the past how this was going to be updated and why. With the changes google has been making to their whole infrastructure, using more than one database tree (one for google-owned sites and another for OpenID [both holding the same account data but under a different format]) is incredibly inefficient and a waste of resources. Google+ OpenID 3.0 now acts as the backbone for their user account service (for promotional purposes and for efficiency).

    Also. please remember, you are not being forced to use google+. You can ignore the whole social network service and disable notifications for it if you so choose to.

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    I have been hasty on commenting, thus it is more of an emotional reaction than a logical one. I'm sorry.
    It's is indeed a waste of resources to keep more than one database tree, and i see their points on making the change in question. Though at the same time, from my point of view, it as much of a waste to try and maintain a social network that just doesn't seem to take off after this much time. Youtube integration of Google+ has been looked at with awe and contempt, but has been eventually accepted, so probably they know what they're doing.

    Anyway, thanks for clearing it out. For what it's worth, i appreciate it.