Desktop WebVR (Vive, Oculus)

    You can view any 3D model in Virtual Reality using a WebVR browser and a VR headset like the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift.

    Desktop WebVR viewing requires Firefox 55+ or an experimental version of Google Chrome / Chromium with WebVR support. This technology is very young, and browser support is experimental. You can check browser status and progress at Is WebVR Ready?

    We recommend the Latest version of Firefox.
    For the current status of each browser, headset, and Sketchfab VR feature, see VR Compatibility.
    The WebVR viewer is incompatible with the Google Chrome WebVR API Emulation 1.1.4 extension - please disable it
    1. Download and install a compatible browser.
    2. If you're using Chromium, go to chrome://flags and turn on the "Enable WebVR" and "Enable Gamepad Extensions" flags.
    3. Turn on your device
    4. Start VR Mode on any Sketchfab model page or use the VR Launcher.

    Sketchfab 3d model VR mode google cardboard

    Check out some great content galleries in VR like Museums or Popular.

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      @geogan thanks for your concern. I tried scanning this chrome version but no threats detected.. and it is still the only browser that shows me skechfab in oculus rift (in firefox i hit vr button and in rift i see oculus home fade to black and then it fades back to oculus home.. no model from skechfab from firefox ..)