Blender Materials

    Material shaders

    • diffuse: toon, lambert, fresnel, Oren Nayar, mineart
    • specular: cooktorrence, phong, blinn, toon, wardiso


    Image and UV channels are supported. Operations between texture channels are handled with the Mix and Multiply operator. Diffuse (color, intensity, alpha), Specular (color, intensity, hardness), and Geometry Normal Map (in tangent space) are also supported.

    Make sure you include texture files with the .blend file or Pack External Data into .blend.

    Blender pack external data


    We use the information in Cycles material nodes to infer basic PBR textures and parameters for you. While this simplifies the import process, it will still require some work on your end. Our heuristics are roughly based on names used for Nodes, Texture and Parameters names (albedo, specular, metallic, roughness, glossiness). Texture file names with suffixes like _diffuse, _abledo, _metallic, _roughness, _glossiness also help us recognize where to put things. See Materials and Textures.

    For more complex Cycles setups (like networks that mix and modify textures etc), we recommend you bake the results before exporting to Sketchfab.


    Lamp, Sun, Spot, and Hemi. Area light will be converted to Hemi light. Up to three lights will be imported. See Lighting.

    We do not support emissive colors to do area lighting. You should not export these parts because they can break the bounding box and camera centering. If you need area lighting you should bake it into an environment maps. Here’s a great Blender model by moxstudios that uses such environment maps - zoom in and rotate to see how the light plays over the model:

    Text, Curves & Meta Balls

    TextCurves and Meta Objects will be converted to meshes.


    Some transformations, such as mirrored geometry, can have unexpected results and should be avoided or frozen/applied.

    Hidden elements

    The uploaded model can appear empty because of hidden items. Make sure the layer you want to export is visible and your nodes are not hidden, or else the mesh will not be exported. This happens, for example, with hidden armatures used by a model.

    The Blender Wiki is a great place to go if you need any further help or explanations of these features.

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