Quickstart: Sketchfab for Education

Sketchfab in the classroom

Sketchfab is the leading publishing platform for 3D files: our community has published close to 1 million 3D models - both static and animated. Teachers from Harvard, Full Sail University, Michigan State University and other leading schools use Sketchfab to communicate with their students, show them new techniques and collect assignments.

Collect 3D assignments

Sketchfab is the easiest way to share 3D content online in a few clicks. Gather assignments in no time and visualize your students’ work in real 3D. We’ve built exporters for all major 3D tools (3ds Max, Maya, Blender, ZBrush, Substance Painter, Modo, Cinema 4D, and more...) that will let your students upload their work in 1 click.

Thanks to our download feature, you can take a closer look at your students’ original meshes and textures. No more issues about USB keys, transfers, and delays – everything is accessible in the cloud.

Howest University uses tags to gather homework and projects on a dedicated tag page:

Sketchfab 3d model tag page for Howest DAE student work

Find content that illustrates the techniques you teach

The Sketchfab community has crowdsourced almost a million 3D models. This huge library offers an opportunity to illustrate any design techniques (Topology, Sculpting, textures & UVs, solid modeling...). For example, more than 100 game studios showcase their optimized game assets on Sketchfab.

Collections let you group together models that your students can subscribe to and browse any time. Teachers from all around the world use this functionality to create intro courses that helps students understand what they will learn and how & why artists use different techniques.

Take a look at this low-poly collection.

Help your students become better artists and find jobs

The Artist in Residence program can help students develop new skills outside of the classroom: we sponsor professional character and animation artists so they create tutorials to share their knowledge with our community. Visit our forum to see some examples.

Our community of 400,000+ artists is super helpful and friendly. Your students can engage with them, ask questions and receive feedback.

Students can also grow their network and get noticed by recruiters: build an online 3D portfolio and share creations on ArtStation, DeviantArt, LinkedIn, Wordpress, Facebook, and more. Connect with talented artists and prominent companies.

In a nutshell

  • Collect assignments quickly with tags and exporters
  • View and download your student files in the cloud
  • Inspire your students by using Collections to showcase specific technical illustrations
  • Encourage your students to create an online 3D portfolio to connect with the industry
  • Let your students engage with and learn from with a community of 400,000+ artists

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