VR Navigation

Navigating 3D models in Virtual Reality is a combination of First-Person view and teleportation. Head tracking works with most devices and lets you look around. For setting up the default VR scene scale and view, see VR Editor. For getting to VR mode on your device, see Mobile VR and Desktop WebVR.


Look at / point at the floor grid or any flat surface on the model and press the teleport button to move that position. If there are Annotations, look at / point at the marker and press to move to its defined viewpoint.

  • Google Cardboard (or similar): Press the Cardboard button or tap the top center of the screen
  • HTC Vive: Press the controller trigger
  • Oculus Rift
    • Remote: Press the main Select button
    • Touch Controller: Press the top trigger
  • Daydream: Press the center of the controller pad

You can open a menu to view help, move between annotations, or exit the model and return to the VR Launcher.

  • Google Cardboard (or similar): Press and hold the Cardboard button
  • HTC Vive: Press the Menu button
  • Oculus Rift
    • Remote: Press the Back button
    • Touch controller: Press A
  • Daydream: Press and hold the center of the controller pad

Or click/tap the X at the top right of the screen.


On some hardware, you can change the scale of the model.

  • HTC Vive: Left trackpad button scale down; Right trackpad button to scale up
  • Oculus Rift
    • Remote: Left remote button to scale down; Right remote button to scale up
    • Touch controller: Control stick Left to scale down; Control stick Right to scale up
  • DaydreamLeft side of controller pad to scale down; Right side of controller pad to scale up

For small objects (the default scale), you can move around to see it from all sides. Like this elephant:

Try it here.

If the initial camera view is inside a scene, you can look around, like Van Gogh's Room:

Try it here.

Or the Fantasy Inn:

Try it here.

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    Does not work with Cardboard V1 magnetic button.

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    Why does it seems like the VR functionallity doesn't work anymore for HTC Vive in the latest Firefox web browser. It was working wonderfully before the the webbrowser was upgrraded. All your instructions are pointing and referring to older web browsers. What can i do to be able to se the Sketchfab objects again?