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    Does not work with Cardboard V1 magnetic button.

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    Why does it seems like the VR functionallity doesn't work anymore for HTC Vive in the latest Firefox web browser. It was working wonderfully before the the webbrowser was upgrraded. All your instructions are pointing and referring to older web browsers. What can i do to be able to se the Sketchfab objects again?

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    I've had a bit of trouble getting it to work with Chrome on the Rift, but with Firefox it works great.

    One suggestion: I would love to have a way to snap-turn, say 45 or 90 degrees at a time. Many apps do this, and I could provide specific examples if needed. I do enjoy being able to look around in any direction, but with the Rift, looking away from the desk-mounted sensors tends to lose tracking, on my controls especially but sometimes also my view. Plus the cable ends up stretched uncomfortably over my shoulder when looking away. So for simply jumping in and exploring models at my desk, a joystick turn would be great - I even habitually keep clicking the joystick side to side, trying to to make it happen. Thanks!

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    great, but NEEDS snap turn!

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