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  • summitchairs

    Great tutorial but wondered if you guys could help... I'm struggling working out what scale I need to use to make the model viewable at a 1:1 scale. I don't like the thought of choosing a scale which looks about right. I know the character used to represent the VR's scale is 1.75m tall but don't know how I can accurately alter this to view the model at a 1:1 scale - screenshot below...

    I know that the model is 1800mm high so the scale is currently set to 1000 as it looks about right but like I said this won't be exact.

    Any help would be great! Thanks!

  • TonyWiren

    Why does it seems like the VR functionallity doesn't work anymore for HTC Vive in the latest Firefox web browser. It was working wonderfully before the the webbrowser was upgrraded. All your instructions are pointing and referring to older web browsers. What can i do to be able to se the Sketchfab objects again?

  • James

    @TonyWiren I just tested Firefox 56 (Windows 10) with a Vive and it worked. Can you elaborate on what happens?

  • rodolfobm

    Hey there everybody... Noob here...

    I noticed that we can scale the object when we are viewing it in AR Mode (with the mobile app).

    Is there a way we can lock the scale? And/or maybe add some shadows to the floor?

  • James


    There's no way to "lock" the scale, but you can just stop zooming :)

    Shadows would be tricky in an AR environment...maybe in the future!

  • viktors.dovgalecs


    Im using FOREVER VR glasses. So there is one small problem. All glasses have different lenses, so I havent option to correct screen deformations in mobile app. For example VaR's VR player have that option, and its changes many things to get reality feeling in that type of VR glass.

    I suggest to make something like in VaR's VR right on VR mode screen (hidden when not active). All is needed is make ZOOM - / + and make sphere modification.

  • KingFury

    i'm using oculust quest and trying to view my models on 1:1 scale  after reading through all this documentation i still don't get it how  can you set your model 1:1 scale giving the fact i know the unit i've worked with ... should i upload my model with  a ruler  and approximate the scale ???

  • James

    @KingFury - The Sketchfab viewer is unitless, so there is no notion of dimensions or scale like there might be when you created or exported the model. You'll need to use the scale slider in the editor to approximate the scale.

  • jesahel-benoist

    Hi ! I do love sketchfab, it's near from perfect.

    A nice feature would be to add the possibility to move in VR with "rotate around viewer/move in front" instead of teleportation, even if it makes sick. I'm often watching objects sitting and having to turn the head or moving physically could be really annoying.

    Keep up the good work !

  • James

    Hi! Thanks for the kind words :)

    Yes, a sort of "object" mode could definitely make sense for viewing some kinds of models in VR.

  • Xane_MM

    I like the AR mode; Viewing my models in real life is neat (though being able to take pictures without the buttons would be nice).

    There's one problem I've noticed, though: Sketchfab doesn't seem to use the scaling I've set in the AR/VR 3D settings for my models. For example, here's a cup that was scaled months ago:

    That looks correct, but when I try viewing it in AR in the Android app, it's giant.

    (that's on the floor.)

    Is there a way to fix this, or does AR use a fixed scale for all models, regardless of settings? I've even seen this happen with old models, where I opened them in AR, saw they were way too big, scaled them down, then even months later, they still look very large, like the models are never updated. For example, this "juice cylinder" is still way bigger than it's meant to be:

    The only model I've made that looks like it's the correct scale is this broom.

  • James


    The mobile app does not use the VR/AR scale from 3D Settings. It's really just putting the regular viewer in front of your camera feed.

  • gsugunhouse

    I have set my VR scale so that it matches the real-world dimensions of the room I've made (see screenshot below). Eye-level is at the height of the second shelf from the top. When I look at it with my Oculus Rift S, using Steam/Chrome, my avatar's eye-level is above the top shelf. The floor level seems to be correct. Any ideas what the problem might be?

    Here's a link to the object:



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