Mobile VR (Cardboard, Daydream)

    Your smartphone can view any Sketchfab model in Virtual Reality using our stereoscopic viewer and a Google Cardboard, or similar. Just go to the model page and tap View in VR to open the model in VR mode. For viewing galleries of models in VR, see VR Launcher. For navigating in VR, see VR Navigation.

    For the current status of each browser, headset, and Sketchfab VR feature, see VR Compatibility.

    Cardboard (Android & iOS)

    Go to any page and tap View in VR to open the model in VR mode.

    Sketchfab 3d model VR mode google cardboard

    Alternatively, you can navigate directly to this view by appending /embed?cardboard=1&autostart=1 to the model URL.

    NFC tag scanning

    Some devices, such as the Samsung Galaxy series, support Near Field Communication (NFC) tags. If you experience issues related to tag scanning in VR Mode, you should disable NFC on your device.

    Android NFC settings


    You'll need to be using a Google Pixel phone with the latest build of Chrome Beta or Canary for Android. Go to any model page, put the phone in your Daydream headset, and it will automatically open the model in VR. Support for the VR Launcher is coming soon.

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      I have an Acer Liquid Zest Plus cell phone from January 2017 and every time I go to VR Viewer mode, most of the details of the image disappear. I'm wondering what I can do about this? It doesn't happen on other people's cell phones. Thanks. 

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      It is most likely because of the abnormal ratio of the screen but the display does not line up correctly when using the Samsung Galaxy S8+ with Cardboard. The result is a double image.

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      the daydream controller doesn't work
      and the framerate is pretty bad on asus zenfoneAR daydream headset