Age-Restricted Content

We have an Age-restricted content filter to ensure visitors of all ages and interests have a positive and welcoming experience on Sketchfab.

Scenes that contain nudity, eroticism, extreme violence, or similar "NSFW" or "adult" content are filtered. These models are allowed on the site, but you must opt in.

Sketchfab age restricted content - warning

You can find more details in our Terms.

Age-restricted content

Age-restricted content includes, but is not limited to, models that contain nude characters or partial nudity, that are erotic in nature (depicting sex or containing sexual implications, even when there is no nudity), that depict drug usage, extreme violence, or are otherwise shocking or disturbing.

Nudity depicted in statuary, antiquities, or a similar form that has been deemed appropriate for historic value and is or has been on public display in a gallery or museum is exempt.

Labeling new and existing work as Age-restricted is the responsibility of the creator, and it is mandatory. The Sketchfab team will moderate cases where content categorization is debatable and reserves the right to make the final decision.

Age-restricted content will show the Age+ flag next to the model name.

Sketchfab age restricted content - gallery flag

Sketchfab age restricted content - title flag

Unacceptable Content

Some material is never allowed: pornographic, threatening, harassing, libelous, hate-oriented, harmful, defamatory, racist, xenophobic, or illegal content. This includes explicit descriptions and/or links to explicit content, even if the related content has been marked as Age-restricted.

We have a zero toleration policy: By posting Unacceptable content, you risk your account being banned.

Sometimes these boundaries may not be so clear, and Sketchfab reserves the right to make the final decision in such cases.

Managing the age-restricted filter

By default, Age-restricted content is filtered from all our galleries, search results, recommended models and emails.

You can enable Age-restricted content in the gallery filters which will remove the filter from all pages and emails.

Sketchfab age restricted content - gallery filter

If you are logged in, we will store your choice as a preference in your account. If you are not logged in, a cookie is used to remember the setting for your next visit.

Sketchfab age restricted content - settings popup

Sketchfab age restricted content - account settings

Age-restricted embeds

Age-restricted models that are embedded on external websites follow the same rules: by default they will be hidden by a 'cover' which allows you to enable Age-restricted content.

Sketchfab age restricted content - embed cover

Labeling your work as Age-restricted

Both the upload dialog and the model properties dialog include an option that lets you label work as Age-restricted.

Sketchfab age restricted content - model properties

Again, it is your own responsibility to properly label your work as Age-restricted where needed - both existing scenes and new uploads.

Reporting age-restricted and unacceptable content

If you see content that you believe is Age-restricted or unacceptable, use the content reporting feature on the model page.

Sketchfab age restricted content - report model

Questions or concerns

This policy may raise questions. If you have any doubts, please comment here, post on the forum, or contact us directly.

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    Are weapons age restricted? Too me they are. Just curious.

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    No, weapons are not currently age restricted.

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    I’m 58