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  • bisenberger


    I've been using Sketchfab since 2015 and today a new message I have not seen before popped up after I uploaded a model. It said 20 view-only credits left. None of my models since 2015 have ever been for download. I upload them to make it easy for clients and colleagues to view them. This was not the part of the plan when I renewed for the year back in June.

  • Dan

    @bisenberger Thanks for reaching out! I saw you wrote a message to the Support team too, so I answered you there.

  • pyrotechNick

    Hey, I just started using the Plus membership but quickly after I purchased it, I realized that I actually need the Pro membership. According to this document I will have to wait for an entire year before I can upgrade my plan? That doesn't make any sense. Also, I've only had this membership for 2 weeks, but I'm being told in my account settings that I'm not eligible for a refund? The 50MB upload limit is too low for me and is preventing me from uploading my modelsĀ 

  • worldforestgroup

    Dear Dan: Have sent an email re: Premium plan. Have an automated response but no way to talk to a human. can you please help? Would be under name of Jeffrey Atkin.

  • sorumtk796

    ustedes que?..

  • iankc

    Hello, I accidently purchased a yearly subscription for $84 when I meant to just buy a monthly one for $11. Is there any way to receive a refund?

  • cgmax7

    Hello, I accidentally purchase the pro membership which I wasn't planning is it possible to refund?... I notice that it says "We do not offer prorated refunds when switching between membership plans." but if I cancel the plan will get the refund...and if I do should I do it from PayPal or sketchfab.


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