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Upload Limits



  • lawlordp

    Is this a new thing or has it been implemented for a while and I just haven't noticed? 

  • rope435

    I'm not gonna lie. I didn't think you guys would go the scummy route. But I'm pretty disappointed.
    Limiting how many models can be viewed by accounts is going to lessen your website traffic by a large margin. I have no incentive to pay for a service that was not only free but is a basic function of all art websites.

    Imagine if art station only allowed one art view per month. Or any art focused website.

    I remember being in highschool and coming to this website for ideas in my characters. Taking inspiration from so many other people, and now it's either pay monthly or enjoy your one "view model".

    It is truly a shame, I hope in the future your reconsider. I know many may not agree with me, but i stand firm on my opinion. 

  • Xane_MM

    I think this is a new thing, lawlordp. I don't remember there being limitations on view-only models before the email I got that mentioned the new plus plan. It's...kinda unfortunate seeing how many free limitations have popped up here over time, but that's what happens with all services; They add more and more until eventually you feel the need to upgrade then get trapped in endless payments (or you'll lose features).

  • Xane_MM

    Actually, rope435, I think the view model limit is for uploading models. Before recently, you could upload as many models as you wanted. Now, you have to enable downloading of models. Otherwise, only one model per month is able to be view-only, no download.

    This is  bad if you don't want others using your 3D models for their own games. (Some of my models allow downloads and are being used, but that's fine. It's the fact that there's a new limit that bugs me. Not a fan of having to potentially pay multiple subscriptions with no job.)

  • James


    Yes, this new policy was recently implemented. You can read more about this here:

    @Xane123 - We are doing our best to build a sustainable business. We believe that we provide a lot of value to our users, and it's not cheap to process, host, and deliver this content. We think it's fair to pay for a service that provides you value.

    @rope435 - Sorry for the confusion. We are not limiting how many models you can view. We are limiting how many models you can publish on your account (unless they are available for download or purchase).

  • lawlordp

    I see good and bad with this. I have noticed this site does get too hands on and kinda forces their users to behave a certain way so this just adds to that notion in how y’all come off. But evaluating this idea alone, it’s not that bad.

    Really only free users will be hit and what this essentially does is force people to share their models either through the store or for free. Something that we don’t all want to do with all our models since we work hard on these so this acts like a deterrent.

    If I am understanding correctly there is a refund on credits with a model if deleted and reuploading doesn’t cost more credits so this should make sure you don’t spend all your credits on tests.

    For a well made model to be made, it should take at least a week so if I am reading this correctly, model upload credits reset every month so except for the constant testing which should lessen the better you get at using this site and modeling in general, you won’t need that many uploads to begin with let alone that many credits every month. But free users who don’t know better and want to explore this site and make mistakes will be deterred. I would increase their number to 3 - 5. I would say the average person would upload about 5 well made models at most per month.

    It does suck if you have a model back log you want to upload or if you make like emoji models. Something pretty simple and can be made in a day.

    How it helps is it will deter people from posting very poor models. There’s being bad at modeling and then there’s just a shape or some nonsense that got uploaded, with clearly no effort put in, wasting space. What these models do is flood the search engine with unusable and awful models. I find it very annoying that people do this. Kinda like how Google is when searching for medical advise and all you get is people yelling about cancer. Lol. Or politics... even though i didn’t search for politics. O Google. As well as cost sketchfab more resources for models no one is touching, even the creator.

    You could message the owners of these bad models to see if they are using it or not but you would have to be careful not to offend someone who is just starting out learning or is just bad. So if you do go that route, use your best judgment.

    It will also keep those who do properly use this site to keep organized and be more diligent with what we upload. It’s kind of a threat but we all need a kick in the pants every once in a while.

    And it’s understandable from a business perspective to try and make sure every model on here has a purpose and value. The more popular this site gets, the bigger hit it takes for unnecessary uploads.

    All in all, only time will tell if this gets in our way but I don’t think it actually will. Except for free users.

    In my opinion, this is the best site for this kind of thing so far and I do want to see it succeed. But I would be ignorant if I didn’t say it had its flaws.

  • James

    Hi Eric,

    Yes, I think you've got it. Sorry for the confusion; we may iterate on the exact language based on feedback.

    - You may publish a limited number of models per month, depending on your plan. In the case of free accounts, the limit is 1 model published per month.

    - Models that are set to be downloadable for free or available for purchase in the Sketchfab Store do not count towards that limit.

    That's it!

  • afriedlander

    There goes my ability to use sketchfab to show clients previews of work before sending it out... Even if I upgraded, the 10 view only models/month might be pushing it sometimes to the point where it would make sense to buy a perpetual license of marmoset and never worry about payment again. 

    I get that it makes sense from a business to charge for services and such, it just sucks as someone who has used sketchfab for a while as an all-around portfolio sort of site and place to let clients preview work to suddenly have this cap imposed as it dramatically changes the way I will use the platform. 

    Am I correct in understanding that if you upload something to the Sketchfab store, that you will get the view only credit back from it? Like if I make a view-only model to use for a client preview, finish the job a week later and list the files, I'll get the original view-only credit back? 

    Personally, I'd almost rather just pay 70cents to upload each view-only model or something like that - it seems more straight forward and more flexible and would allow me to upload as many models as i need without worrying about recurring fees. 

  • James

    @afriedlander Thanks for the feedback. We're listening and may make adjustments in the coming weeks.

    If you're doing work for paying clients, it seems fair that you would pay for the tools you use and the value we bring to your work. Hosting models and maintaining the site is expensive.

    "10 view only models/month might be pushing it sometimes"

    Based on your upload history over the past 3 years, there are only 2 months that you surpassed the 10 model limit.

    "Am I correct in understanding that if you upload something to the Sketchfab store, that you will get the view only credit back from it?"

    Yes, you can make old models downloadable or add them to your store to gain additional credits for that month.

    "Personally, I'd almost rather just pay 70cents to upload each view-only model"

    The fees paid on micro-transactions would not make this feasible.

  • agustayr

    As someone who needs this site to show clients previews of work to have this limitation is quite crazy.  Especially as a PRO member to only get 20 a month when I pay for a service. I don't own the rights to the models, my clients technically do, so I can't set them to downloadable or for the store. 

    I also am an artist and don't want my models to be used by other people. My models are often used in gallery shows and that makes the selling price of them in that environment useless if i set things to free on here. 

    If I delete models that are view only will I not get a credit? especially if i have uploaded them this month? 

    Also would be nice to have an un-publish option for those in my situation.

    The jump from pro to company is massive in price and view only allowance, Pro should be 100 or at least 50 view only models a month. the 20 limit makes me want to delete my subscription. 

    It's a huge limitaion to a great website that will make a lot of uses extremely unhappy including myself. 

  • James

    Thanks for the feedback! We're listening carefully and we will make any needed adjustments in the coming weeks.

  • gauvain_boiche

    What's bugging me more of anything else, is the resetting of credits after a month.

    To make some uploads, I just made several of my models downloadable, so I get up to 8 upload-credits, which is a lot. The resetting part was not included in this page before as I recon ( this page was updated 14 hours ago ) and by 27th September, I still had 8 credits ( while my month has a starting each 26th )

    So, basically, you deleted my credits on a past update of your rules. I have now downloable models that got me nothing. If I knew earlier, I would have not gathered so many wasted credits. Considering I can not roll back now.

    This is beginning to be a scammy attitude. Pushing people toward paid plans will only strenghtning other 3D hosting websites.

    Can you please consider being fair in your warnings in the future ?

    Thank you.

  • James

    @gauvain_boiche I'm sorry for any confusion. I just double-checked the full history of this article, and the point that extra credits do not roll over has been here since before it was even published.

    You could make your models view-only again to remove the credits you gained, and then make them downloadable again in the future as needed.

    We'll definitely take this into consideration and possibly allow roll over in the future. We are still collecting feedback and data.

    I'm sorry you think the change is "scammy". We are trying to build a sustainable business so that we can provide our services to the community and clients for a long time to come. I don't think we are doing anything unreasonable compared to other Software as a Service providers, especially given the value we bring.

  • xb33

    All things considered, going from unlimited number of models to 1 is...pathetic? As is 20 model limit with subscription.

    Even the free one should be like 3,and w/ subscription at least 30

  • omabuarts

    Hello James. I've uploaded a free downloadable model but have yet to receive the additional credit. Is there any delay or specific timing for this credit to pop in?

  • James

    @xb33 Thanks for the feedback. We are thinking about raising the limit for Pro.

    @omabuarts Sorry for the misunderstanding. Uploading a new downloadable model will not give you an additional credit. Rather, it simply does not use a credit itself. If you want to earn additional credits, you need to make older, existing models downloadable.

  • DanielMuirhead

    Hi @James, is Sketchfab actively soliciting feedback in regard to your recent changes to the Pro plans vis-a-vis Upload Limits? As a Pro user I received the email from Sketchfab stating that you had unilaterally decided to change the terms of the subscription plans but saw no mention of any request for feedback in regard to your decision. I am a fairly prolific 3D model poster and could easily exceed the monthly limit of 20 without trying. That 20/month limit does not mean I will be looking to give you more money (for one of the more expensive subscriptions) or to be compelled into making my models available on your store or as a free download, instead it merely means I will be looking to host and post my models elsewhere.

    I love Sketchfab and think it is a great website that offers a brilliant service (although to be frank, of all the additional bells and whistles that your model viewer offers I could count on one hand the number of people I know who actually make use of those features). I appreciate and completely agree with the rationale for changing the upload limits. What I am not particularly enamored with is the fact that I paid for something in advance (an annually-billed Pro subscription for unlimited uploads + 20 private/month) and then you decide to switch out the terms of the contract (down to 20 uploads/month), thereby devaluing the product, without offering me any compensation (e.g. complimentary+grandfathered additional uploads) or choice of a refund. You advertised a product, I bought that product, you switched out the product for an inferior one.

    A few years ago I purchased a software license to a prominent PBR texturing suite. Soon after I outright bought the license, that company began offering the software on a monthly subscription which was doubly infuriating on account of it costing less to prospective subscribers (than I paid) and offering additional monthly subscription benefits (which outright buyers like me were not entitled to). The software company mitigated that by gifting large bundles of store credits to the people who had outright bought their products, this had the effect of significantly sweetening the otherwise bitter pill. Are you going to offer any type of compensation to those of us who are now tied into Pro subscriptions that are different to what we signed up to?

    For what it is worth, in my opinion, I would be expecting at least 100 uploads/month for what I am paying as a Pro subscriber. If you are incapable or unwilling to provide that then that is great and I fully respect that decision, but I will also be looking to migrate my models to another website and will be expecting a proportionate refund.

    Edit: I just noticed that during the upload/publishing stage, the user is now prompted to 'upgrade' their account to receive more uploads/month ... are you seriously intending to prompt me to spend >60 EUR (in upgrading from Pro to Premium) every single time I upload a model?

    Relatedly, every time I look at my model there is a 'Tip' shown alongside, "Set your model to downloadable to gain 1 credit for the current month." Am I going to be prompted to make a model available as a free download every time I look at it? "You just spent 10 hours of your own time capturing inputs for your photogrammetry project, another 25 hours processing it using paid-for-software on your computer whose associated processing costs you are also paying for, plus another 5 hours of manual labour in post processing the model. Tip: make this model available as a free download."

    Are you kidding me right now?

  • omabuarts

    @james then I think it is better to add ONLY for existing models.

  • Grinn3DDD

    Hi everyone. Personally, I am now leaving this resource. Publish one model per month... I'm sure there are other resources where you can absolutely free to show their models. And I'm sure I'm not the only one to do so.

  • James

    @omabuarts - thank you, I've updated that section. I hope it is more clear now.


    @Grinn3DDD - I'm very sorry to hear that. Good luck with your projects!


    @DanielMuirhead - We always welcome feedback about anything, so thank you!

    - We are considering raising the limit for Pro plans

    - "Unlimited uploads" was a feature of every plan, including free. So it wasn't really a change in contract of the Pro plan because it was not a feature that you upgraded for.

    - Regarding the prompts to upgrade: that's pretty much what every single software-as-a-service website does. I don't think it's much different than a prompt to upgrade if you try to make a model private or try to add a custom background or a 6th annotation, etc. But indeed, it could be displayed only when you're approaching the limit, not every time.

    - Regarding the tips about making models downloadable: it's just a technical fact and an explanation of how it works while you're doing it. I don't think it's that much different than a warning in the editor about performance or incompatible combinations of features.

  • DanielMuirhead

    Hi @James, thank you for taking the time to respond to my comments.

    When I paid for a Pro subscription, I paid for unlimited (not 20/month) 200MB upload sizes, 20 annotations per unlimited (not 20/month) models, custom texture/HDRIs as a part of unlimited (not 20/month) uploads, and so on. I get the impression that I would be ill advised in devoting any more energy in attempting to debate that with you.

    "Regarding the prompts to upgrade: that's pretty much what every single software-as-a-service website does." I agree, Sketchfab is fast becoming like pretty much like every other software-as-a-service website, which is disappointing. It seems that you are fundamentally changing the nature of the website from an art repository to a store front, in the process attempting to commodify every piece of user-submitted 3D art, which is similarly disappointing.

    "Regarding the tips about making models downloadable: it's just a technical fact [...] I don't think it's that much different than a warning in the editor about performance". Hmm, so you think that the interface suggesting that I give away my work for free is the same type of thing as the editor interface advising me in regard to a rendering performance issue? Again, I feel disinclined to attempt to debate that with you.

    All the best to Sketchfab but I think this update and the way you are responding to users' feedback is the death knell of my interest in the site.

  • James

    Thanks for the follow up.

    "It seems that you are fundamentally changing the nature of the website from an art repository to a store front, in the process attempting to commodify every piece of user-submitted 3D art, which is similarly disappointing."

    We have no intention of pushing everything into the Store (paid models are less than 2% of all models on the site), or commodifying community work (free models are less than 8% of all models on the site). We are still fundamentally a place to upload and share 3D work, whatever the use case. That said, we must be able to build and maintain a sustainable business if we hope to support our community, our clients, and our future initiatives (improving the viewer technology, implementing new features, etc.). Processing, storing, and hosting models is expensive, and we provide a service and value to millions of users. Paying for that value seems fair, whether that's paying directly for the ability to store and host your work, or indirectly by contributing to the larger ecosystem (creative commons downloads and paid Store licenses).

    "I think this update and the way you are responding to users' feedback is the death knell of my interest in the site."

    I'm sorry you feel that way about our response to feedback. I (and we) are trying to be as transparent as possible, and we are paying close attention to feedback like yours. We will definitely take it into account and make changes as necessary (such as possibly increasing the limit for Pro accounts, for example). 

  • CoreyNguyen

    I logged in and got slammed with this 1-view-only thing it just left me confused and annoyed while I'm trying to research this for like 15mins now reading through FAQ's and comments. this happen to anyone else?

    Sketchfab has provided an amazing 3D sharing service for many users with many unique features and the staff has always been polite and professional to deal with.

    But I do have to say I see this policy change as a negative tweak on how I interact with the website, and it just seems the creators / artists are fighting with the website so the website can manage its business model.

    Its understandable 100% but also frustrating because alot of us are just humble artists that just want to be able to focus on the art side and less on having to pay for another subscription or membership for something...

    Like you have no idea how many websites are now asking for subscription memberships, it is INSANE.

  • Grinn3DDD

    @CoreyNguyen You're right. Now you have to limit the creativity of one model per month. Or pay. Alternative to Blender4Web (to create content yourself) or p3d...(at least there are no download limits, but there are volume limits)

  • Xane_MM

    @CoreyNguyen I feel the same way about modern paid "services". Why did subscriptions have to take off and become the standard now? Every product or website that does this thinks it's fine, but really it causes users have to pick and choose which monthly money losses are really worth it, giving them a worse experience on any website they aren't constantly paying for.

    I know single-payment products are usually overly expensive, but they're better than paying for something endlessly. Pay once and you own it. Pay monthly and you could lose it within a month if a single payment fails.

  • alekv

    Of course, it is clear that you want to monetize your work, but to do paid, what was free, is not fair to users.
    I am sure there are tons of other ways to monetize your wonderful site.
    • Advertising on the site
    • The ability to buy advertising for the average user so that his models hang for a week in a banner.
    • Make a download of 20 models for free, all that is more, for a fee .. This is already better than 1 model per month.
    • Screw the model format converter to the site and take a symbolic fee of $ 1 for 20 converted models. (AP converters are especially relevant)
    You can think of a lot, but not 1 model per month.

    What you did is as if the 3D blender would become paid or by subscription in general.

  • James

    Hello everyone,

    We've decided to disable comments on this article. We are still very interested in hearing your thoughts on upload limits. However, the Help Center is meant to provide product information and solve technical problems. The type of feedback and discussion here is better suited to the Forum. You can find the thread on this topic here:

  • James

    Hello everyone,

    We have increased the upload limit for Pro members from 20 to 30.


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