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glTF, GLB, and USDZ



  • arrea
    • Double sided rendering is NOW supported in iOS15 (FB9008478)

      When i use the upload api with an usdz that has double sided materials the double sided materials get lost and i have to apply it by hand in the editor.

      We all know AR Quick Look is pretty lame and that's why we should be thankful when apple decides to support a feature after years.
  • James

    Hi arrea - Thanks for that, we'll take a look!

  • rimotli

    The C4D import plugin does not allow me to log in. After inputting my credentials, tapping the login button does nothing. 

  • blackmuscle1982

    I have a problem importing the files.

    In VueXtream, in fbx format, the size of the tree is 5km !!! And to convert the gltf file to obj format, in Wings3D, the file loads, but does not appear.

  • James

    Hi there,

    I'm sorry you're having trouble. Maybe you could try importing the glTF version into Blender ( you can even use our import/export plugin - ) and then export a new FBX or other format from there?


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