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Camera Limits and Annotations



  • tattooprojects

    Hi James!

    Our team noticed that the annotation position data in the dev logs was not matching up with the annotation position set in the editor. We found it much easier to do the opposite of the first approach. We set camera constraints using the API and then we turned them off in the 3D settings. We then created our annotations in 3D settings. It retained our annotations and constrained the camera no problem!

  • James

    Ah interesting. Last I tested this, I thought that turning on camera constraints with the Viewer API would fail if there were "regular" annotations (i.e. created and saved in 3D Settings) in the scene. If that's not true, I can update this article to include a third approach that you mention. It actually used to include this until I discovered the above, but maybe I'm wrong here.

    To your point about the dev logs not matching annotation positions - you copied those settings but when you create them with the Viewer API they are not in the correct position? Are you using `createAnnotationFromScenePosition` or `createAnnotationFromWorldPosition`? Does it make a difference in correct annotation positions created with the Viewer API?


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